Emergency stain help

With our ecological coating on your side, stains won't even dare to hang around. But just in case of a stain emergency, here's the inside scoop on getting those clothes pristine:

✰ If your little explorer gets a bit too adventerous and messy, start by gently dabbing with an absorbent cloth - that's your secret wapon.

✰ Chances are, that'll do the trick! But if a stubborn stain decides to stick around, apply a (ecological) stain cleaner directly on the scene, let it chill for 20-30 minutes, then give it a lukewarm water spa.

✰ As a last resort, throw that clothing piece in the wash or send it to the dry cleaners. Rest assured, our clothing is protected down to the very fiber. Thanks to it's superpower clothing, dirt won't stand a chance.


Specific types of stains

✰ Water-Based Stains (like juice and soda): These are the easiest to tackle. A simple dab with a wet cloth can do wonders, making these spills a quick fix.

✰ Grease Stains: A bit more persistent, grease stains might require gentle dabbing with a bit more persistence. Using a stain remover or cleaner in combination with your efforts often yields the best results.

✰ Oils and Acids: Presenting the greatest challenge, these types of stains may need a specialized approach to effectively remove them from your Chlues clothing.


Important to Know!!

To keep your Chlues garments in tip-top shape and ensure the longevity of the stain-repellent coating, here are a few key care instructions:

✰ Skip the fabric softener: It might feel nice, but fabric softener will reduce the effectiveness of the ecological coating that keeps your clothes stain-free. Best to leave it out of the wash.

✰ Heat is a friend (in moderation): Believe it or not, a little heat can go a long way. Ironing or steaming your clothes doesn't just keep them looking sharp; it also enhances the stain-repellent coating. Just be sure to use a gentle heat setting.

✰ Cool wash is cool: When it's time to wash, stick to low temperatures. This not only saves energy but also preserves the integrity of your garment's fabric and ecological coating.


    Have Questions? We're Here to Help!

    If you've got questions or need a bit of advice on taking care of your Chlues garments, don't hesitate to reach out. We're always here to help, just drop us a message at hello@chlues.com, and we'll get back to you with the answers you need.


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